Herbs and Botanical Additives

Our Herbs and Botanical Cosmetic Additives, are essential components of your skincare and personal care formulations. Each botanical ingredient is a precious gift from plants—be it herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, or seeds. These natural wonders bring a touch of purity and vitality to your cosmetic creations.

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Annatto Seed



Blackberry Seeds


Herbs and Botanicals

Calendula Petals Yellow



Chamomile Whole


Our plant-derived (Botanical) ingredients represent a timeless tradition in cosmetics. We carry all natural herbs and botanical products in our curated collection of botanical additives. From the soothing properties of herbal extracts to the aromatic allure of floral essences, our herbs and botanicals offer a holistic approach to skincare.

In historical contexts, plants were the exclusive source for crafting products that cleansed, moisturized, concealed blemishes, and even addressed minor skin conditions. We tap into this heritage, by using all natural liquids, fragrances and oils derived from plants. Each ingredient is carefully selected, ensuring a harmonious blend of science and nature.

Enhance your product formulation with the power of herbs, connecting your cosmetic products to the rich history and natural goodness that herbs and botanicals bring. Discover the synergy between tradition and innovation as you explore our Herbs and Botanicals Cosmetic Additives collection.

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