Tubes for cosmetic and personal care packaging represent a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of beauty products. These tubes, often made from flexible materials like plastic, aluminum, or a combination of both, are designed to preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of various cosmetics. They come in various sizes and styles, accommodating everything from thick creams to fluid lotions, ensuring easy application and controlled dispensing. We also supply bottlescosmetic containerstops, caps and closures as well as clamshell packaging.

  • Lip Balm Making Kit [[product_type]] 31.14

    Lip Balm Making Kit

    The lip balm making kit includes all the necessary ingredients to make your own lip balm. The kit includes 1lb of lip balm base, which is the main ingredient for making the lip balm. The lip balm base is made of natural ingredients, making it safe...

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  • Lip Balm Tube Box [[product_type]] 4.1

    Lip Balm Tube Box

    Our lip balm tube box is the perfect natural packaging for your lip balm sticks. The box is made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials that are both durable and attractive. The natural brown color of the box gives it a rustic feel that is perfect for...

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  • Lip Balm Tubes - .15oz Natural [[product_type]] 0

    Lip Balm Tubes - .15oz Natural

    Lip Balm Tubes - .15oz Natural are high-quality, versatile containers designed for storing and applying lip balm. Made from food-grade plastic materials, they have a compact, cylindrical shape with a twist-up mechanism at the bottom for easy dispensing...

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  •  Lip Balm Tubes - 20 count .15oz White

    Lip Balm Tubes - .15oz White

    The Lip Balm Tubes - .15oz White are a must-have for anyone looking for smooth and moisturized lips. These white lip balm tubes come in a various count pack, perfect for crafting your own personalized lip balms. Each tube holds .15oz of balm and is made...

    $3.27 - $41.28
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  • Lip Gloss Tubes .40oz / 12ml Silver [[product_type]] 2.52

    Lip Gloss Tubes .40oz / 12ml Silver

    This lip gloss applicator is perfect for precise application of any liquid makeup product, including lip gloss, gel or serum. The flocked doe foot ensures even application and the attached matte silver cap and wiper keep the applicator clean and hygienic...

    $2.52 - $104.96
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  • Oval 2.5oz White Tubes [[product_type]] 1.32

    Oval 2.5oz White Tubes

    These white 2.5oz roll up tubes are the perfect container for your homemade deodorant or lotion bars. The oval shape is sleek and modern, and the white color adds a clean and fresh look to your product. These tubes are made from durable materials that...

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  • Paperboard Tubes 1.5oz [[product_type]] 0

    Paperboard Tubes 1.5oz

    Flush fit push-up tubes are cylindrical in shape and are designed for easily dispensing products such as lip balms and lotion bars. The tubes are made entirely from paperboard, which is biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. They...

    $3.02 - $271.44
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  • Silver 2.65oz Tubes [[product_type]] 0

    Silver 2.65oz Tubes

    These sleek and stylish oval silver roll-up tubes are the perfect storage solution for your homemade deodorants or lotion bars. Each tube holds 2.65 ounces of product and features an easy-to-use twist-up mechanism that allows you to apply your product...

    $1.26 - $52.31
  • Twist Up Tubes 2oz [[product_type]] 0

    Twist Up Tubes 2oz

    Our 2 oz Natural twist up tubes are must-have containers for anyone creating their own lotions, balms, and deodorants. Made from high-quality, BPA-free materials, these tubes are durable and long-lasting, ensuring the contents remain fresh and effective...

    $1.69 - $20.20
  • White Tube Set - 12 count .50 oz White [[product_type]] 10.38

    White Tube Set - 12 count .50 oz White

    This 12 piece set includes 12 white round dial up tubes, each with a capacity of 0.5 oz. These tubes are perfect for containing small lotion bars or tubes of lip balm and chapstick, just like those sold by popular retailers. Each tube comes with a cap to...

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