Tops Closures

The wide selection of Cosmetic Tops, Caps, and Closures at Scented Expressions provides you with a great balance of functionality and aesthetics for your cosmetic packaging. Designed to complement your brand's image and enhance the user experience, our range includes a variety of styles, colors, and materials to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking for precision dispensing, pumps for product preservation, or simply a chic finishing touch, our cosmetic tops and closures provide both form and function.

  • Fine Mist Sprayer White 24-410 [[product_type]] 0.68

    Fine Mist Sprayer White 24-410

    Our Fine Mist Sprayer in white with 24-410 size is an excellent solution for dispensing liquid products in a fine and controlled mist. The white finish offers a clean and modern look while offering a smooth and comfortable grip. The 24-410 size is a...

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  • Flip Top Lid 70/400 [[product_type]] 0.99

    Flip Top Lid 70/400

    The Flip Top Lid 70/400 is a type of closure that can be attached to a container or bottle with a neck opening of 70mm and with threads of 400 turns per inch. It is designed to provide easy and convenient dispensing of liquid or solid contents while...

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  • Plastic yellow mini camera bath bomb topper

    Mini Camera Bath Bomb Topper

    Mini Camera Bath Bomb Toppers are designed to make bath time more exciting and enjoyable. These perfectly sized plastic toppers add a unique and playful touch to bath bombs, creating an engaging experience as they dissolve in the tub. These photography...

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  • Pail Pump [[product_type]] 13.66

    Pail Pump

    This pump is designed to make it easier to dispense liquid from pails. It is compatible with our white plastic pails and can be easily screwed on top of the pour-spout. With each stroke, it dispenses approximately 1 oz of liquid. However, it is important...

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  • Plastic Pump 24-410 [[product_type]] 0.75

    Plastic Pump 24-410

    Our white 24-410 plastic ribbed pumps with a 7 1/4 inch dip tube are the perfect solution for dispensing your liquid products with ease and precision. The ribbed design ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle and use. The 7 1/4 inch dip tube...

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  • Bathbombs of Original Pokèmon figures

    Pokèmon Embed Figures BathBomb

    Bathbomb embeds of 12 different Pokémon characters. The Pokémon bathbomb embeds are great for making your bath products extra special for Pokémon lovers. Made from durable material, the figures can withstand splashing and water play...

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  • Shrink Wrap Bands [[product_type]] 4.21

    Shrink Wrap Bands

    Shrink wrap bands are thin plastic films that are used to seal and protect the top of a product container, such as a bottle or jar. These bands are applied to the container's opening and heat-shrunk to create a tamper-evident seal, preventing...

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