Exfoliants: Additives For Skin Exfoliators and Scrubs

These popular exfoliant additives are designed to enhance the effectiveness of scrubs and soaps, providing a gritty and coarse texture that effortlessly sloughs off dead skin, leaving your body irresistibly soft and smooth.

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Annatto Seed



Blackberry Seeds



Cranberry Seeds



Dead Sea Salt Fine



Dendritic Salt



Epsom Salt


Our Exfoliants cater to a wide variety of applications and skincare routines. The additives offer options ranging from mild to rugged. For facial scrubs, indulge in the gentleness of our ingredients all while delivering robust exfoliation.

These exfoliating additives can help create lotions and soaps that have a gritty texture. With an added texture, your products will help cleanse the skin by removing dead skin cells. Discover the ideal exfolianting additive.

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