Terms, Conditions, Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

We take pride in only offering products with unsurpassed quality. We have hundreds of real customer reviews available on our product pages that will assist you in making informed buying decisions. Since our products are used to produce cosmetics and ingredients must be verified unadulterated, we are unable to accept returns.


Because of the nature of the products we sell, we only accept returns if we ship the incorrect product. Returns will be in the form of a credit in most cases. Item must be returned within 24-48 hours upon arrival of return shipping label, unopened, unadulterated, and in the same condition as it was shipped. If item is opened or adulterated in any way, under ANY circumstances, a refund will NOT be given due to contamination. Consumable products are regulated as a food product. None of our products are approved by the FDA for consumption and ingestion. The flavor oils are approved for lip contact and topical lip products which is different than ingestible products.

If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order.

Shipping & Returns 

Our products range in size from small to large and require different shipping methods. We use UPS to ship small to medium size items. All shipping charges should be quoted at time of order although there may be times when we have to call you back to give you a price.COVID-19 UPDATE: BY CLICKING ACCEPT ON TERMS AND CONDITIONS DURING CHECKOUT YOU AGREE TO KNOWING OUR PROCESSING TIMES MAY BE ANYWHERE FROM 1-20 DAYS. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PLAN AHEAD AND GIVE US TIME TO PROCESS EVERY ORDER IN A TIMELY MANNER. This message is repeated again at the bottom of this page. It was moved to the top for those who do not read this whole section.

We ship orders Monday through Friday in the order they are received (except for US Holidays that USPS does not run). Typically, orders received by 1:00 PM US Eastern Time are shipped within 1 to 6 BUSINESS DAYS, depending on our order volume. Heavy order volume and most holidays usually extend our normal shipping times.
ALWAYS CHECK and VERIFY to make sure you enter the We cannot reroute a package once it leave our facility so please make sure, CORRECT EMAIL AND SHIPPING ADDRESS(ES) WE DO NOT RESHIP FOR FREE IF YOU ENTER INCORRECT OR INCOMPLETE ADDRESSES. You will be responsible for the return package fee, along with the shipping, plus signature delivery, to have your package reshipped. Please check your email after you order (check spam settings and add our email to your addresses if needed) to get information about shipping status.


  • Free Parcel Shipping only valid on orders with merchandise value of $19.99 or more shipped via parcel ground shipping only to any address in the continental United States. Not available for orders shipped to addresses in Alaska, Hawaii or any U.S. Territory.
  • Offer cannot be applied to items shipped from a third party.
  • Offer cannot be applied to custom decorating orders or custom labels.
  • Orders weighing greater than 150 lbs. or containing oversized items or quantities equal to or exceeding a pallet are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Orders will ship complete. If a customer chooses to have an order ship partial, Free Parcel Shipping applies to the first shipment only. Charges apply to all additional partial shipments.
  • We reserve the right to charge customers shipping and handling fees for shipments that are refused at the time of delivery or shipments that are rerouted after three failed delivery attempts.
  • Offer is nullified if we deem a customer's behavior to be "abusive". For example, customers may not split one large order shipping motor freight into separate small orders in order to qualify for this promotion.

Package not Received

If you do not receive your order, you must let us know within 14 BUSINESS days after shipment. You agree to give us pertinent, timely, and accurate information so that we may investigate the tracking and delivery of the package and merchandise with the carrier chosen. If we are not notified within 14 BUSINESS days after shipment about non-delivery or other disposition of the package it is at our discretion to proceed with further tracking, filing any claims with a carrier and to choose to take or not take any other actions regarding the shipment of any merchandise we shipped to you or for you from sales from our company. Offers and the decision to replace or refund for merchandise not received are wholly at our discretion and determination and will be made after we get timely, accurate information from customers, and if needed the carrier. SES will not be held responsible for any lost or misdelivered items if this option is not chosen. Why? Carriers will not honor insurance claims on packages marked as delivered. Rather than raise our shipping rates to cover this expense, we give the customer the option of signed delivery. If you habitually file package not received for your deliveries from us, you will receive am invoice for signature delivery charges, prior to your order shipping. If you don't receive your package and the signed delivery option is chosen, we will replace your package immediately and file a claim with the carrier.

All shipment carriers are having delivering delays . At this time the USPS will NOT accept a claim until there is, 14 consecutive BUSINESS days, of non-movement. Please reach out to us after these 14 business days have passed for us to contact shipping companies to inquire about lost packages.Missing items: If you have received your box and see that you're missing items, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of package. After 24 hours of receipt we will look into scanned items to your package for shipment and the weight of the last scan of your packages before delivery. We will determine missing items by the weight of your package at last hub scan before delivery. If this time has passed you will have to file a claim with the corresponding shipping company.

Damaged Package or Merchandise

Please do not receive and accept damaged merchandise from a carrier if you are present when it is delivered. If you receive a package that is damaged and you notice the damage as it is being delivered, please refuse it and let us know immediately. If you receive a package and do not immediately notice damage, let us know as soon as you do notice the damage. In any case, we must be informed of damaged merchandise no later than 48 hours of the delivery. We reserve the right to file a claim for the damaged merchandise before shipping replacement merchandise. Please do not discard, open or use any materials before the full damaged procedure has been completed. You agree to give us accurate and timely information about any damage, and all damage must be reported to us no later than 48 hours of the delivery of the merchandise. We may ask for pictures of the package(s) to get accurate information, and to send along to the carrier to file a claim. Please keep all packaging material, including but not limited to, the box, the damaged items, including broken bottles, caps, busted bags etc. ALL materials must be kept until the claim is finished OR shipping company asks for a inspection of damaged goods. Shipping company may ask for the damaged package to be brought in for inspection, in which you must present all this material to the shipping company, within the time limit they give. IT IS UP TO YOU TO PRESENT THIS MATERIAL. If you do not present this material, we cannot and will not issue a replacement. We reserve the right to determine if a refund or credit is to be made when merchandise is damaged outside of our terms.Scented Expressions Supplies is not responsible for shipments that do not arrive "on time." We make no promises, offers or claims or warranties about deliveries after we ship other than providing tracking information.
We are a green friendly company, so we package your orders in as few containers as possible. If you need specific bottling done, please utilize the Notes/comments section to specify your needs, during checkout. We can not prevent melting or freezing once an item leaves our warehouse and will not be responsible for the melting or freezing of items during transit.ReturnsBecause of the nature of the products we sell, we only accept returns if we ship the incorrect product. Returns will be in the form of a credit in most cases
Minimum shipping rates are charged at the time your order is placed and will reflect in your shopping cart during checkout. We highly recommend maximizing shipping costs by consolidating as many items as possible into one order. Please remember: once you place an order, it cannot be changed and we will not combine your orders & invoices for you. This is just one way Scented Expressions Supplies LLC strives to keep most order processing and turnaround time at 1-6 business days or less while continuing to offer wholesale prices. Scented Expressions Supplies reserves the right to make the best judgments on shipping boxes (sizes and numbers) as well as packaging materials - we make every effort we can to recycle, reduce, and be environmentally conscious. If we are able to consolidate your box(es) internally we will do so but cannot accommodate special requests. 

Once an order has been placed, it cannot be changed. Any additions to your order will be treated as a new order and shipped separately.

Unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, severe weather ect does not give reason for refunds or cancelations.

We do not ship orders on weekends or holidays. Do not count these days towards your total ship time. Point of departure is Virginia. If you live on the West Coast, your ship time is at least 4-7 business days in transit which does not include processing time in our warehouse. If you need your shipment by a certain date, please allow sufficient time for your order to reach you. Overnight, 2 Day and 3 Day deliveries are available should you need expedited service.

Again, we utilize USPS and UPS exclusively for both domestic and International orders. Please do not ask for your order to be made an exception or request a special favor for FEDEX shipping. We cannot and will not accommodate these requests. We do not ship UPS/FedEx Collect, UPS/FedEx Third Party, or to UPS/FedEx Account #'s other than our own. Please understand all ordering and shipping procedures before you place your order. You will receive an email from the carrier with your shipment tracking number once your package leaves us. This email will give you an estimated delivery date.

International Shipping and special note for Canada Customers

We utilize USPS & UPS for all International orders even Canada. Orders to Canada are shipped USPS Standard. All parcels to Canada will contain a NAFTA Declaration. International customers ordering via UPS are responsible for all Customs/Duty tax and brokerage fees for order. UPS International Priority and UPS International Economy shipping costs will not include brokerage fees. Customer is responsible for all Custom/Duty tax fees.


By click accept and agree you accept all terms and conditions of Scented Expressions Supplies LLC. Any attempt to claim fraud on any order you've placed or been refused a refund on, will have your ip address banned from our website. 


All CURRENT processing times are listed in the cart and on the homepage of the website. We keep those times as accurate as possible. 

Tracking Information
Once your order has shipped, the tracking number can be found in the order information online.
This can be accessed 24/7 and is the most reliable way to check on your package status.
When a tracking number is generated, an email is also automatically generated and sent with the tracking information. Please give up to 48 business hours for tracking to update
Occasionally spam filters may cause the email to go into a spam folder.
Check spam mail to see if the information is in this folder.
Processing Time
  Orders are processed in the order received.

Expedited orders and expedited shipping are not offered
Please be sure to allow adequate time for an order to be processed and shipped, based on needs or deadlines.

Our order processing may take slightly longer than other companies.
Items are not mindlessly pulled from stock shelves.
Each and every item in an order is manufactured or packaged at the time it is ordered.
This assures that the freshest ingredients and raw materials are used to fill each order.
Every item is inspected at the time it is packaged for color, odor, consistency, texture and correctness.
It is then double-checked to be sure it is the right item and then neatly and securely boxed for shipment.

Most orders take 1-6 business days to process.
If an order is very large or contains items that are manufactured, it may take slightly longer to be filled and processed.
Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-6 business days excluding weekends and holidays. However, this is not an implied guarantee for a turn around time.

Orders are not processed on Fridays, Weekends or Holidays.
Orders placed on Friday after 10 am will not be processed until the following Monday.

Order volumes do increase around major holidays, so it strongly recommended orders be placed to allow the extra time needed for them to be processed during these busy times of the year.

Shipping delays


Although we attempt to process and ship orders with 1-6 business days excluding weekends and Holidays this is not an implied guarantee for a turn around time. COVID19 TIMES CAN BE IN EXCESS OF 14 BUSINESS DAYS. MESSAGE UPDATED 2/1/2021
All our products are made to order and there are times when the turn around times will exceed our goal of 1-6 business days. COVID19 TIMES CAN BE IN EXCESS OF 14 BUSINESS DAYS. MESSAGE UPDATED 2/1/2021
If you have an urgent need, please communicate this to us and we will do our best to get your order processed and shipped as soon as possible.
Customers can not choose to cancel an order because they "feel" it is taking to long to ship their order.
If you refuse a delivery just because you feel your order processing took too long, this will an auto ban from ever using our website. Upon return of you order a refund will be given minus 35% processing, restocking fee, shipping, and any other fee incurred for the return. We fulfilled your order and are not responsible for the shipping paid to ship the order to you. The fee for refunds are NOT our responsibility and will be included in the 35% restocking fee. Shipping will be deducted and then the 35% will be deducted from the amount left over.
This passive-aggressive behavior will be considered a breach of our policies and the customer will not be allowed to make further purchases.
Free shipping is an option on several items listed on our website. OPTION being the key word. You must scroll to choose the free shipping option in the shipping method section of checkout. If you do not select the free shipping option and choose to pay for shipping, the shipping cannot and will not be refunded at a later time. If the free shipping option isn't available for you, please reach out to us PRIOR to placing your order. Again, once your order is placed we cannot & will not refund the shipping.
Order Status
After placing your order, you may click the "My Account" link at the top right-hand side of our site to track the status of your order.
You will receive a shipment confirmation and tracking information in an email when your order ships.
Expedited shipping
  We DO NOT offer expedited order processing

Please plan to order in a timely fashion, so that orders will arrive in plenty of time for specific deadlines.
Turn around time for processing an order is usually 1-6 business days.
Transit time in the US is 1-5 days, depending on the distance from Virginia.
Additionally, see transit time information.
Free Shipping
  There is no such thing as "Free Shipping".

"Free Shipping", just means the cost for shipping is passed down to the customer by incorporating the cost of shipping into the cost of the products purchased.
Shipping rates are based on weight, distance and value as determined by the UPS & USPS shipping calculator embedded into our website.
Incomplete, Inaccurate or Incorrect Shipping Information
  Packages are shipped "FOB origin". This means the buyer will assume the title of the goods as soon as UPS, USPS scans the package and it leaves the facility. Since the buyer (you) are paying for the shipping please spend the few extra moments to be sure your address information is correct.

If you realize the shipping information is incorrect, contact us immediately. (Email is the best option)
If possible, we will try to correct this information before your package ships out.

If your shipping information is incorrect, not only could you lose valuable time waiting for your package to arrive or never arriving at all, but if we are charged for an address correction once your package has left our facility, we will expect you to cover this cost.

Should this occur, we will notify you of the fee that we are charged for this error.
Because it was your mistake, we expect you to pay this fee.
We will be glad to provide you with proof that we were charged this fee and the source of the error.

If you do not pay this amount to bring your account current, we have no other choice but to suspend your ordering privileges.
We will deny you the ability to place any additional orders until your account balance is zero.