FDC Lakes Batch Certified

Our FD&C batch certified lakes are the ideal solution for creating beautiful and vibrant colors in your cosmetic and personal care products. Made with premium quality ingredients and tested for purity, our FD&C batch certified lakes are the perfect choice for creating safe products with vibrant and vivid colors. 

Our FD&C batch certified lakes provide a consistent and stable color that won't fade or bleed in your product. You can confidently use our certified lakes in your lipsticks, eye shadows, powders, and other cosmetic and personal care products, knowing that your creations will be safe, bold and striking.

Choose from a range of colors, from soft pastels to bright neon shades, and let your imagination run wild. With our certified lakes, you can create products that are both visually appealing and safe for use!

  • Fd&C Black Lake Mix [[product_type]] 0

    Fd&C Black Lake

    FD&C Black Lake is a super strong and highly concentrated powdered colorant. It is a high-quality synthetic dye made with food-grade ingredients that are safe and non-toxic. The intense black color is perfect for creating a dramatic effect...

    $7.36 - $46.17
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  • FD&C Blue 1 Aluminum Lake batch certified powder

    FD&C Blue 1 Alum Lake BATCH CERTIFIED

    This vibrant, stable hue of FD&C Blue 1 Aluminum Lake, is a high-quality lake color, containing a 13% total dye load. The blue FDC Lakes Batch Certified colorant is perfect for adding a brilliant blue to various food and cosmetic items. Its...

    $5.75 - $45.43
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  • Fd&C Yellow #5 Lake Batch Certified powder

    Fd&C Yellow #5 Lake Batch Certified

    The Fd&C Yellow #5 Lake Batch Certified is an FDA-approved color additive perfect for a wide range of cosmetics, foods and drugs. Also known as tartrazine, this azo dye is part of our FDC Lakes Batch Certified collection and lends a brilliant...

    $4.47 - $28.00
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  • representative color for Fd&C Yellow Lake #6 batch certified  dye

    Fd&C Yellow Lake #6 BATCH CERTIFIED

    The FD&C Yellow Lake #6 Batch Certified is a vibrant, water-insoluble dye pigment great for adding a bright orange hue to food, drugs, and cosmetics. It is a FDA-approved pigment, created by combining dye with a precipitating agent, forming a powder...

    $4.17 - $26.98
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