Fragrance Oils: Shop Scents for Your Cosmetic Products

At Scented Expressions we only sell high quality, raw, pure, uncut fragrance oils. These pure essential oils are always concentrated cosmetic grade fragrance oils. While other suppliers may offer different grades of fragrance oils that may be diluted or cut with carrier oils, we only sell concentrated, uncut cosmetic grade fragrance oils.

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Designer Fragrance Oil

25:43 LUSH Type Fragrance Oil


Designer Fragrance Oil

Angry Orchard Fragrance Oil


Make your scented products memorable for all the right reasons! Inferior oils can lose their scent or turn bitter. That’s why you should use only the finest products available. As a wholesale fragrance oil supplier we choose quality over quantity. When we put in an order for our scents and oils, price is not a concern, we want the highest quality of fragrance available.

At Scented Expressions Supplies, we provide a large lineup of different scented products! From bright Wild Blueberries to Zest Fully Clean, our A-Z range of pure fragrance and essential oils covers a wide spectrum of fragrances.

Additional Information

  • We can not prevent melting or freezing once an item leaves our warehouse and will not be responsible for the melting or freezing of items during transit.
  • 4lb and higher subject to 14 business days processing
  • We are an environment friendly company, so we package your orders in as few containers as possible. If you need specific bottling done, please utilize the Notes/comments section to specify your needs, during checkout.
  • We are not responsible for the products you create from our supplies. You alone are responsible for product and recipe testing to ensure compatibility and safety.
  • All fragrances are poured per order. Fragrances come in a plain bottle with our label, logo, and fragrance information on them.

  1. Why is My Usage Rates Different From My Last Bottle?
    As we order our restock on fragrances, we are updating fragrance information to follow the new IFRA guidelines. Information will change until all fragrances are following the new guidelines set in place.
  2. Do your fragrances contain parabens?
    Parabens are preservatives used in water-based products like lotions and creams so they are not found in fragrance oils
  3. Where do i find the ingredients used in your fragrance oils?
    INCI of Fragrance oils are just Fragrance.
  4. Are there preservatives used in your fragrances?
    No, our fragrances are raw uncut fragrance.
  5. Do your fragrances contain phthalates?
    The phthalate is marked in each listing. 99% of our fragrances are phthalate free.
  6. Can your fragrances be applied directly to the skin? No, our fragrances will need to be added to a carrier oil or base using the safe IFRA guidelines.