Cosmetic Glitter

Our range of cosmetic glitter additives is designed to add the perfect touch of sparkle and shine to your look. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, our glitters allow you to customize your makeup effortlessly. Opt for a fine cosmetic glitter for a subtle shimmer or go bold with large-sized or mixed glitters for a dramatic effect.

Rest easy knowing our glitter materials meet cosmetics grade standards, approved by EU EFSA, REACH, US FDA, JAPAN MHLW, RUSSIA GOST for skin use, particularly in eye shadow and lip products. Explore our wholesale options with various bulk size cosmetics.

Transform your cosmetic formulations with our high-quality cosmetic glitters additives, crafted from the finest materials to add that touch of glamour and sparkle. Ideal for lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, and more, our glitters offer consistent and even coverage, easily blending into any formulation.

Rest assured, our cosmetic glitters are safe for use in all types of cosmetics, causing no skin irritation or adverse reactions. Whether you're a professional formulator or a DIY enthusiast, our glitters simplify the creation of custom formulations that dazzle and delight.

  • Amethyst BioGlitter [[product_type]] 0

    Amethyst BioGlitter

    Amethyst BioGlitter is crafted from eucalyptus for eco-friendliness. It's biodegradable glitter, free from aluminum and plastic, and suitable for use in bath bombs and lip products. This product complies with microbead and microplastic regulations,...

    $10.26 - $126.61
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  • Chunky Mermaid Scales Bio-Glitter [[product_type]] 0

    Chunky Mermaid Scales Bio-Glitter

    The Bio-glitter Mermaids Scales in beautiful blue and silver shade and is made from eucalyptus and is biodegradable, aluminum and plastic free. It can be used in bath bombs and lip products, and is compliant with micro bead and micro plastic regulations...

    $10.25 - $149.10
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  • Eco-Friendly Golden Gates colored glitter

    Golden Gates Eco-Friendly Glitter

    Golden Gates Eco-Friendly Glitter is one of our top selling cosmetic glitters for its splendid gold sparkle that's both kind to your skin and the environment! As an eco-friedly glitter option, you can ditch the traditional, environmentally harmful...

    $8.13 - $30.40
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  • Shimmering blue colored Mermaid Nails BioGlitter

    Mermaid Nails BioGlitter

    Mermaid Nails BioGlitter is a glitter that has a blue shimmer to it. The shimmering blue bioglitter is environmently safe and is a eucalyptus-based, cellulose glitter. It is free from aluminum and plastic, making it a sustainable choice. Its...

    $10.04 - $10.90
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  • metallic teal Ocean City BioGlitter

    Ocean City BioGlitter

    Ocean City Bio-Glitter is a bright and bold metallic teal colored eco-friendly, cruelty-free, non-toxic, GMO-free and allergy-free glitter. Great for personal care products, it is made from cellulose and eucalyptus. The bio-glitter is degradable and...

    $11.14 - $11.48
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  • Pink colored Passion Eco-Friendly Glitter

    Pink Passion Eco-Friendly Glitter

    Discover Pink Passion Eco-Friendly Glitter: A guilt-free, eco-conscious alternative to traditional glitter. Our pink colored ec0-glitter is vegan, and cruelty-free. Made in the United Kingdom, it is crafted from natural materials and has zero...

    $8.13 - $30.40
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  • Eco-Friendly Purple Passion colored Glitter

    Purple Passion Eco-Friendly Glitter

    Purple Passion Eco Glitter is a new generation glitter product that is eco-friendly and plastic-free. The plastic-free, biodegradable purple glitter is an environmentaly responsibile choice for people that don't want to compromise on style. The purple...

    $8.13 - $30.40
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  • Twisted Mermaid Glitter Only At SES [[product_type]] 7.37

    Twisted Mermaid Glitter

    A special blended deep purple color with shimmery highlights is created exclusively by Scented Expressions Supplies. This color isn't available anywhere else. These glitter powders have no adverse effects on the environment since they are based on,...

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  • Vixen Red BioGlitter

    Vixen Red BioGlitter

    Vixen Red BioGlitter is a eucalyptus-based, biodegradable glitter that brings a vibrant red sparkle to cosmetic creations without the environmental impact of traditional glitter. The sparkling red BioGlitter is a cosmetic-grade glitter and is entirely...

    $9.46 - $125.02
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