Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from plants and are concentrated compounds that encapsulate the distinctive scent and flavor, commonly referred to as the "essence," of the respective plant. Each essential oil boasts a unique aromatic profile, thanks to specific compounds present in its composition. The extraction of these oils is accomplished through methods like distillation, utilizing steam and/or water, or mechanical processes such as cold pressing. Once the aromatic components are carefully extracted, they are blended with a carrier oil, resulting in a final product ready for various applications, from aromatherapy to topical use.

  • Camphor White Essential Oil [[product_type]] 0

    Camphor White Essential Oil

    Camphor White Essential Oil is a powerful, refreshing, and cooling oil that is used in a variety of cosmetic products. It has a strong, fresh, and woody aroma that is invigorating and stimulating. It has many benefits for the skin, hair, and body, making...

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  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a glass bottle

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Organic Eucalyptus Oil (also known as Blue Gum) is extracted through steam distillation from Eucalyptus globulus leaves and twigs. It is a camphoraceous essential oil known for its potent and invigorating properties. Traditionally used in traditional...

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  • Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil in glass jar

    Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil

    Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil is a carefully blended oil offering a consistent and classic lavender fragrance. With a floral, herbal scent accented by fresh notes, this essential fragrance oil is standardized to contain 40% linalool and 42% linalyl...

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  • Two yellow lemons for oil

    Lemon Essential Oil

    Lemon Essential Oil is extracted by cold pressing the peel of fresh leemons. The extracted lemon oil offers a zesty and rejuvenating aroma. Known for its limonene content, this essential oil is rich with antioxidants, antimicrobials, and...

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  • Lemongrass and essential oil container

    Lemongrass Essential Oil

    Lemongrass Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy, offering anti-inflammatory, headache relief, and digestive benefits. The essential oil is perfect for diffusing and topical application, imparting an earthy lemon scent to cosmetic products, including...

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  • Lime Essential Oil [[product_type]] 0

    Lime Essential Oil

    Cold pressed Lime essential oil is a natural and pure extract that is popular for its fresh and uplifting aroma. It is derived from the rinds of fresh limes using a mechanical press, which ensures that all the active compounds are retained without any...

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  • photo depicting natural insect repellent

    Natural Insect Repellent Essential Oil

    Our natural insect repellent is crafted exclusively from 100% essential oils. The essential oil bug repellent offers a natural and skin-friendly solution to keep insects at bay. With a blend of peppermint, geranium, tea tree, cedarwood, lemon eucalyptus,...

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  • Palo Santo Patchouli Fragrance Oil [[product_type]] 0

    Palo Santo Patchouli Fragrance Oil

    Introducing our newest and most unique fragrance oil yet - Palo Santo Patchouli! This blend combines the earthy, woody notes of patchouli with the sweet, uplifting aroma of palo santo, creating a scent that is both grounding and inspiring. The patchouli...

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  • Patchouli (Dark) Essential Oil in glass jars

    Patchouli (Dark) Essential Oil

    Dark Patchouli Essential Oil, derived from Pogostemon cablin, offers a warm, earthy, and woody fragrance. As a fragrance oil, Patchouli Essential Oil has a rich scent that has therapeutic properties, the oil is a versatile choice for relaxation,...

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  • Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil in glass jar

    Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil

    Japanese Peppermint Essential Oil is renowned for its high menthol content and multitude of cosmetic and personal care uses. The versatile fragrance oil, extracted from the Mentha Arvensis plant, offers a refreshing aroma and an array of health benefits...

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  • Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil in a glass jar

    Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

    Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, is a staple in natural skincare collections. This citrus essential oil is perfect for infusing handmade scrubs and soaps with its fruity aroma. While it's packed with refreshing qualities, it's essential to use it wisely...

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  • Sinus Blend FO/EO Oil [[product_type]] 0

    Sinus Blend FO/EO Oil

    A blend of effervescent camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and rosemary creates a refreshing and invigorating aroma that can help ease breathing and clear the mind. The camphor and menthol act as natural decongestants, while the eucalyptus oil helps to...

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