Spring, Easter & Mother's Day Fragrance Oils

Infused with the delicate and uplifting scents of freshly blossomed flowers, sweet fruits, and hints of springtime greenery, these scented oils embody the essence of renewal and celebration.

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Spring, Easter & Mother's Day

Bite Me Fragrance Oil


Designer Fragrance Oil

Red Lipstick Fragrance Oil


These Fragrance oils will remind you of the blooming beauty of Spring and the joyous occasions of Easter and Mother’s Day. Whether you’re crafting candles, perfumes, or home products, our Spring-inspired fragrance oils offer a sensory journey that captures the spirit of awakening and gratitude.

Transform your space into a garden of serenity and love, creating an ambiance that reminds us of the rejuvenating spirit of Spring and the heartfelt celebrations of Easter and Mother’s Day.

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